"We are committed to the needs of our customers. That's why we're making major improvements to be the most convenient, efficient and cost competitive group of dealerships in Western New York"- Tim and Ed Shults

The Shults name has been synonymous with automobiles and trucks since 1954, the year that Jamestown, New York resident Ed Shults Sr. graduated from General Motors Institute. Ed's automotive career began in Jamestown at Par-Ket Motors, which became Berglund Chevrolet in 1960. He held a variety of positions at Par-Ket and Berglund since graduating from General Motors Institute and in 1957 he was promoted to General Manager of Berglund Chevrolet. It was August of 1965 when the Berglund dealership moved from the corner of Fourth and Lafayette Streets in Jamestown to a new 35,000 square foot $500,000 automotive complex on Fluvanna Avenue. The four-acre site provided a frontage of 510 feet on Fluvanna Avenue and allowed for plenty of future expansion.

On August 3 of 1970, it was formally announced that Berglund Chevrolet, one of the largest retail automobile complexes in South Western New York, had been purchased by Ed Shults Sr. and Don Gage.  In 1971, Ed Shults Sr. assumed total ownership of Shults-Gage Chevrolet and the dealership became Shults Chevrolet.

Ed's two sons Tim and Ed Shults Jr. purchased their father's Chevrolet dealership in 1981 and their vision of an Auto Group began to develop throughout the eighties. A Subaru franchise was added in 1984 and located on Fluvanna Avenue across from the Chevrolet dealership. Two years later in 1986, Shults Signature Nissan became a reality and made its home also on Fluvanna Avenue just a short distance from Ed Shults Chevrolet.

As the nineties enfolded, the two brothers added Mazda to their import vehicle lineup and acquired an Oldsmobile, Pontiac,  dealership on Washington Street in Jamestown. They expanded into Pennsylvania by establishing Edmond Chevrolet and Ed Shults Toyota in Bradford. Tim and Ed also assumed full ownership of Ed Shults Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, and Jeep in Warren, Pennsylvania.

By mid February of 1996 the "Wheels of Change" were again in motion as the Shults Oldsmobile  parts, service and sales operations on Washington Street were consolidated with the newly expanded and beautifully renovated Ed Shults Chevrolet on Fluvanna Avenue in Jamestown. A 3,456 square foot service bay was built to accommodate the many service customers from the former Oldsmobile  dealership and an additional 1,690 square feet was added to further enhance customer service. The new addition included a weather protected drive-in service reception area, a spacious, comfortable new customer lounge, a GM Pro Shop, a refreshment center, a child's play area and a customer work station. The showroom, sales and finance and insurance offices were also refurbished to enhance the customer buying experience.