Compact cars didn’t always have incredible advancements in safety that rivaled the largest trucks, SUVs, and sedans on the market. Yet, that’s precisely what the Spark holds in spades. The Spark offers a suite of standard safety features that are truly incredible ranging from a rear vision camera to avoid backing into oncoming traffic in parking lots, to a high-strength steel safety cage and 10 airbags that transform it into a safe haven in the event of a collision.

Perhaps the coolest safety feature in the Spark belongs to Automatic Emergency Braking, which brakes for you if a potential imminent crash is detected. Besides that, the Spark also boasts a Lane Departure Warning system to keep you from veering out of your lane, a Rear Park Assist system that helps you park at the perfect distance when in reverse, and even a Forward Collision Alert that creates an audible alert when a frontal collision is looming.


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