With much ice on our roads, it is essential to drive carefully to avoid sliding. We at Ed Shults Chevrolet within Lakewood, NY have come up with a few tips to help you correct slides while driving in icy conditions. Typically, sliding across an icy road can be dangerous, but it is also possible to regain your car's control.

The first action to take once a slide happens is to avoid stepping on the accelerator. As a result, your car will slow down, giving you an ideal chance to regain its control. Another effective way to correct a car slide across Jamestown, NY is by avoiding hitting your brakes immediately. That is because braking immediately will only worsen the situation by accelerating the slide.

Allow your tires to slide as you regain your steering control. Once you regain the car's control, be sure to safely apply the brakes to make a stop if need be. Additionally, be sure to avoid oversteering as this will cause the back of your car to swing the other way. At Ed Shults Chevrolet, we recommend that you think before you steer when driving across Dunkirk, NY roads.

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