The number one method to keep your car running smoothly in Jamestown, NY is to keep the engine clean. In fact, most of the regular recommended maintenance in and around the engine is aimed at keeping the inside free from dirt and sludge. While changing the oil and replacing air filters are vital tasks, there are other things you can do to keep your engine clean.

Fuel additives can be an excellent tool in fighting carbon buildup in your engine. Most of these products perform the similar task of helping to dissolve carbon buildup on valves, spark plugs, and other intake components including the fuel injectors. These additives also improve combustion, which can also help burn off lingering exhaust deposits. Oil treatments can also help to clean your engine by breaking up any developing sludge deposits. Adding a few ounces of oil treatment roughly 500 miles before an oil change can greatly reduce the amount of sludge in your engine. Any of these treatments can help you maintain top-tier performance.

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