At Ed Shults Chevrolet, we want to make sure that our community understands the effects that weather has on car batteries. In severe weather at the car battery can stop working if it hasn't been well maintained.

The severe heat of the sun can cause extreme evaporation under the hood of your vehicle. In addition, a battery can reach very high internal temperatures, which can cause the battery fluid to evaporate and damage the battery internally. The heat can also cause a battery to overcharge, which will eventually lead to your battery not working at all.

The extreme cold temperatures cause a battery to have reduced capacity to start your vehicle. There's also an increased load when it is freezing outside. You usually run in your vehicle when it is cold, such as the heater and defroster, so your battery works harder. In addition, the recharger rate is much lower in colder temperatures, so it is harder for the battery to restart your car efficiently.


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